“It All Starts Here”

Fall Protection by Design beleives that everyone should go home at the end of the day. With 20 years of experience designing and
engineering fall protection systems, we want to be your one resource when it comes to fall protection equipment and systems.
At FPD we understand it does actually all start here.

About FPD

Fall Protection by Design’s experience starts over 20 years ago. Our president started providing engineering and custom designs
for fall protection systems anchored to structures that were not originally designed to handle fall loads. Through his unique
efforts and careful partnering with individuals that had the same desire and focus, his skills were honed. Many of these
relationships still exist today and help to form our company’s philosophy and values:

FPD provides high quality cost effective solutions to all fall protection needs. We approach each problem with an open mind,
the best interests of our client in mind and the intent of developing a cost saving and innovative solution to the fall hazard.
FPD believes safety and usability of any fall protection system are of utmost importance.

FPD focuses on those same basic principles that were formed nearly 20 years ago. Our team consists of safety professionals and engineers.
We work together to provide the best fall protection system designs that draw on all of our collaborative efforts and experiences.
However, system design is not our only focus; developing long lasting relationships is just as important. Fall protection can be
confusing and overwhelming. We aim to assist and educate our clients. We want to be the one fall protection
resource our clients will ever need.

The process of developing our systems starts from the moment we are contacted. We want to understand the needs,
focus on the concerns, and provide a fully comprehensive system. Our designs meet all federal, state, and industry
standard design requirements. All too often, we have been witness to systems that clearly do not meet the design
requirements or provide the necessary engineering for a safe system.

Our company’s focus is well-rooted in the same philosophies that were started long ago by our president: provide a
well-designed system that will provide the necessary protection to meet the operational needs. We aim to be your
one source for all of your fall protection needs and truly believe that

“It all starts here.”

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